5 Simple Steps to Self-Curing Insomnia

The best way to have a healthy body is to go all natural about it, starting from having a disciplined lifestyle in terms of proper diet and exercise. These two factors are more than enough to keep you away from any disorder whatsoever. Understanding the above statement, it can also be coined ad there is no term as “safe sleeping pills”.

Anything in excess is harmful and sleeping pills, in this regard, are no exception. It has been observed that people take sleeping pills without giving much thought about its dosage. Some people resort to herbal sleeping pills and pop 2 to 3 at one go thinking that it is made of natural products. Such a solution is not healthy. Even herbal pills, if taken in large quantity, may cause fatigue and increase the dependency on pills.


The chronic insomnia is a form of insomnia that is caused for a longer duration of time. If you have problems in getting a sound sleep since over four weeks, then you are suffering from chronic insomnia. Some of the reasons for its causals are depression, chronic pain, and high dosage of medication.

The chronic insomnia treatment requires a thorough consultation with doctor followed by prescribed sleeping pills and not OTC sleep aids. The treatment may help in getting some sound natural sleep which is very crucial at the stage where you have reached with this form of insomnia since not sleeping for a longer duration is hazardous to health.

In case you are suffering from a short-term, or acute, insomnia then the best way to cope with the same is simply to follow the below-listed steps:

Follow A Disciplined Lifestyle

Cut down the intake of caffeine and alcohol Do not do over-eating and take light meals at night Do not take the pills when pregnant or lactating Always refer to doctor before taking any sleeping pill while on medication or antidepressants. One of the biggest comforts would be to maintain a diary to identify sleep inducing elements.

This may help you identify whether it is your diet intake, or late-night working hours, or stress, or your regular night TV viewing that is keeping from having your share of sound sleep. Once found out, it is best to avoid those. If required, you may also make use of some accessories which would help you sleep, such as eye mask and earplugs, in case you get bothered by the lights and sound respectively.

Another amend that needs to be made while curing your insomnia, is to avoid daytime naps. Since napping during the day decreases sleep during the night, it is best to change your routine and put all the sleep for the night instead of small naps during the day.

If you are a person who believes in the miracle of acupuncture, then there is also acupuncture for insomnia to help improve your sleep. But before going for a session, it is best to ensure that the acupuncturist is a qualified and a practitioner. This is crucial because you do not want to worsen your already bad sleep deprivation disorder.

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