Beautiful Teeth With Bonding

If your smile is looking a little chipped or decayed, bonding is one way to correct and repair your teeth. It involves applying resin that is the same color as your tooth and is a less expensive and labor-intensive process than veneers. The material applied to the tooth bonds with it, hence the name. Bonding can create beautiful teeth for dental patients in just one visit.


Common Purposes of Bonding

Your dentist may recommend bonding for your teeth if they are discolored or chipped, or you don’t want to go through the expense and hassle of having veneers created in a lab for your teeth. Bonding is very inexpensive compared to most cosmetic dentistry procedures and can be completed in a single visit. It can improve the color or appearance of a tooth, fill in gaps between teeth, make your teeth look longer, or even change their shape. Your dentist may recommend it if you are on a budget, as it doesn’t require the custom lab work of a veneer.

Preparing your Teeth

It doesn’t take much to prepare for bonding. You will not even need anesthesia unless the bonding is being used to fill a decayed tooth. Your dentist will choose a shade of resin that matches your other teeth, then use a tool to etch or roughen the surface of your tooth. This will create a surface that the bonding can adhere to. Next, the dentist uses liquid to condition your tooth for the bonding material, which also helps it adhere to the tooth.

Applying the Bonding

Just like the preparation, adhering bonding is very simple and fast. It takes between half an hour and an hour for a specialist like the Rock Center Ortho to complete this procedure on one tooth, and your dentist may be able to do more than one tooth or may schedule separate visits if you’re having it done on multiple teeth. The dentist simply uses a resin that is like putty, then molds it and smooths it to the shape of your tooth. They use UV light to harden the material, then trim off extra material, shape it properly, and smooths it off so it feels like the rest of your teeth.

Risks and Hassles

Though bonding is a very popular option, it may not be used for teeth that are at high risk of chipping or breaking. It can also stain if you smoke, drink caffeine, and so on. Bonding materials don’t last as long as veneers, so if you’re permanently correcting a problem and don’t mind the extra time and cost, veneers are better. Many dentists view these risks and hassles as manageable compared to the low cost, easy application, and the fact that you don’t need to undergo anesthesia.

Bonding is a great option for those looking to complete small cosmetic procedures, fix chips and discolored teeth, and fill in gaps. It doesn’t take as long as other cosmetic procedures and it is easy for a dentist to complete in one visit.

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