Binge Drinking: A Bad Habit and a Potential Start to a Short Lifetime of Addiction

Binge drinking, or drinking excessively to the point of sickness and then not drinking at all for a short period of time, is in truth much more common in the states than perhaps it ever has been before.  For example, in the year 2013 more than twenty-five percent of individuals in the United States over the age of eighteen reported that they did engage in abusive, addictive, or binge drinking in the past year, and almost ten percent reported that drank heavily and abusively in the past month alone.


Binge drinking is a deadly serious and dangerous activity, to say the least.  This is something that is cruel and intense for those who take part in it, and it only gets worse the more one does it and the longer one does it for.  With so much addiction occurring in and around Skokie, this issue really needs to be curbed before it goes out of control.

Binge Drinking in and Around the Skokie Area:

 A Bad Life Decision for Those in the Area

Some bad news has come out recently about the city of Skokie as it has now been made very, very apparent that this city is not only suffering from a heroin epidemic but that it is also struggling with a major and very serious indeed drinking issue and alcohol abuse micro-crisis.  Very recently at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in Chicago, researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago announced a very new and very staggering finding that provides a fresh answer to this persistent question that plagues people addicted to alcohol and other substances like it.  The discovery offers an entirely new approach to treatment that entails those who are addicted to getting very detailed and very specific care for their addiction habits.

Addiction is thought by many and believed by a lot to be an aberrant learning process. Fundamentally, the addiction process affects learning, which is essentially the act of connecting different events or environmental stimuli together to direct a specific behavior.  At a cellular level, synaptic connections are formed and strengthened, weakened and broken, to encode the learning into a neural circuit that controls behavior.  There is also a massive spiritual aspect to this as well.

Likewise, in addition, a person basically learns to associate certain environmental stimuli or internal mental states, with an overpowering compulsion to drink alcohol all the time and in copious amounts.  Quitting time, perhaps, may trigger an overpowering urge to have a cocktail, and then another, and another.  Therefore, it is now more necessary than ever before for those in Skokie who are abusing alcohol to seek out rehabilitation as soon as is possible at any drug rehab Illinois to stop you or a loved one’s drug abuse problem.

Only with a course through an inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, detox facility, rehab program, and recovery organization can those who are addicted find and get into drug rehabilitation Skokie programs that will inevitably save their lives.

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