Brow Lift Surgery Six Vital Post-Operative Daily Care Instructions

Follow-up care is a critical phase of a successful surgery. Often, this vital phase of a surgical treatment is widely neglected by patients and caretakers alike. As the initial anxiety of undergoing a surgery fades away, patients tend to become careless leading to post-operative complications. Keeping a thorough track of the dos and don’ts of any surgery ensures better recovery and lesser related health issues in future.

To effectively monitor your healing after a brow lift surgery, list down all the instructions given by your surgeon. Although healing may take five to ten days and you are fit to go to work after two weeks, care must be taken for at least a year. The wound continues to heal slowly for a year as swelling, scarring and other tissue irregularities that surface after surgery fade away.


Apart from following your prescription with care, make these essential changes in your lifestyle to avoid the potential risk of infections and post-operation complications. Here are six crucial daily care instructions recommended by plastic surgeons.

Use Sun Protection:

Sun rays are the culprits that augment the ageing process. You must ensure extra care and avoid sunlight for the first few days of your surgery when the skin is still pink. Make sure to use a high SPF sunscreen once the bruises and swelling have lessened. However, excessive exposure to sunlight must be avoided always to maintain results of the surgery.

Avoid Sports:

You must avoid any strenuous activity for at least two weeks after surgery. Extreme sports like diving, skiing, or biking must be completely avoided for two months or more, if convenient. Driving, gym, swimming can be taken up after three weeks; however, it is best to avoid them for at least a month. However, you must take up passive exercises like walking, pranayama (breathing exercises) to ensure fast recovery. In fact, breathing exercises are very helpful in healthy recovery from brow lift surgery. Effective breathing techniques and regime can help avoid Pneumonia, which is a common occurrence after brow lift surgery.

Say NO to Cosmetics:

The excitement of wearing an eyeshadow over well-toned and beautiful eyebrows is certainly difficult to allay. But, it is worth a wait. For faster recovery, shun cosmetics, especially used ones, as they are a source of deadly infections. Although you may be permitted to wear make-up once the stitches have healed, it is safer to avoid for at least a few months. In the first few days, any cosmetic contact with the treated area creates a permanent tattoo, ugly marks, or worse, infections that leave operation marks.

Follow Hair Care Instructions:

You must let your hair be the way they are for at least three days after surgery. Do not oil or shampoo until the bandages are removed. Although caution must be taken in the initial post-surgery days, it is important that you follow a strict regime for at least two months. Avoid hair color, blow drier and hot irons for a month. Wash your hair pulling your neck backward to avoid running water over your sutures. Avoid shower as heavy water pressure may cause pain in the eyes and cheeks. Remember to use a mild shampoo.

Follow a Correct Sleeping Posture:

Sleep on your back to avoid any pressure to develop on your eyes and forehead.  You must avoid lying sideways or on your stomach for at least a few weeks post-surgery. For the first two days, it is important that you use pillows to elevate your head and upper back when reclining. If you are not comfortable sleeping on your back, you must start practicing it from the day you consider brow lifting as a suitable face rejuvenation option.

Apply Hot and Cold Compress:

Some patients may undergo discomfort for a longer span of time as the small amount of swelling over eyes may persist for two months. To pace up your healing process apply hot and cold compress right from day one after your surgery.

For the first day, apply only ice packs on the treated area for up to 45 minutes each waking hour. After a day, wait for 12 hours before you begin with heat packs. Ask your Surgeon for a complete instructional guide for the process. You can continue using heat packs for a month, although at lesser intervals during the day. It can be used until swelling and bruising is resolved.

The healing process of Brow Lift surgery continues for a year. The best way to fasten recovery and maintain surgery results is to fit in these instructions into your schedule and enjoy a hassle-free post-operative lifestyle. You’ll know it was worth when you sail through the surgery younger and beautiful than before.

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