Dr. Gail Barouh and Her Contribution In Fighting HIV or AIDS

Carrying an HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus is very alarming to the public health. There are even individuals, who looks at this infection as a threat to the society, especially to young children. For this reason, they stay away from the patients and isolate them from the community. Well, not for Dr. Gail Barouh, who is just one of the many health care providers in the whole world. These experts would like to show everybody that people with this disease are also human beings and has the right to live, especially most of them are victims.


That’s why, instead of turning our backs from a friend, colleague or family member, who is infected with this virus, we should open our minds and hearts. These individuals need moral support for them not to lose hope. May the family members encourage them to fight the infection and seek for health and medical care. You should know that not all patients die, especially when given proper treatment. There are stages that they have to undergo, and if immediately treated, then there is a chance of survival. This is what people should be aware of.

However, this does not mean that it is fine to acquire the virus. We need to protect our health, so we should avoid activities that may lead to such infections. Basically, every young and old must be aware about this infection. For example, this must be taught in schools. And then, young adults may join awareness programs conducted in their community just like Through this way, the number of HIV infections in our country will decrease.


Do you know that the virus will attack and destroy an individual’s immune system? When one’s health is weak, you will easily get sick because your body will not be able to fight various diseases. Now, if you are suspecting that you have acquired this disease, then you will notice a few signs at an early stage. This includes fever as well as chill, muscle ache, mouth ulcer, general fatigue, swollen lymph nodes, sore throat, night sweats, and rashes. However, these symptoms may not always show up. Therefore, it is still advisable to seek for an expert’s help.

Sooner or later, you will reach the chronic HIV or the clinical latency stage of the infection, where symptoms may not be visible reproduction of the virus is at a slow rate. Without the treatment, a patient may stay in this stage for more than 10 years. As for those who are treated with ART or antiretroviral therapy, you can keep this phase for more decades. Not all patients go for the ART and they may develop a stage 3, which is AIDS or Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. Some of the symptoms you may observe are pneumonia, fast weight loss, impenetrable tiredness, and sessions of diarrhea, memory loss, blotches and neurological disorders.

This infection is contagious and may be transmitted through fluids of your body in different methods. It could be in a form of blood, semen, rectal or vaginal fluid and breast milk. These fluids may be injected into one’s bloodstream directly or mucous membrane as well as damaged tissue. And then, if you are pregnant, be aware that cases would always differ, so do not always think that your newborn will also acquire the disease. At your earliest stage, the virus is extremely contagious and less during the latency period. Being aware with this info may lead to the prevention of HIV transmission.

Dr. Gail Barouh and her Contribution

Here comes a person, in the name of Dr. Gail Barouh, who is trying her best to support various groups or organizations, which is dedicated in helping patients. Actually, Dr. Barouh was formerly known as the CEO and President of the LIAAC or Long Island Association for AIDS Care, which started in 1987.

After retiring, she continued working as an advocate to the LGBTQ, Nassau and Suffolk HIV Commissions, served New York AIDS Coalition and Advisory Council.

Due to her expertise, the public has come to realize that one cannot acquire a disease by sitting next to the infected or by simply talking to him. She became an eye opener to many people, who has false beliefs regarding the transmission of the virus.

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