Everything You Need To Know About Pre Workout Supplements

Pre workout supplements are an emerging craze, they are quickly gaining popularity although little is known about them. They were first used by athletes and fitness trainers to achieve endurance and high performance but are now used by everyone who wants to achieve their workout goals faster and efficiently. They can be used by those who are looking to lose weight, add muscle or just stay in shape.

These dietary supplements mostly come in powder foam after which you are required to add a certain amount of water to make a paste before ingesting.  They also come in capsules form and are taken about 20-30 minutes before a workout.

Some companies have pre-workout supplements formulated specifically for men, women and for both genders.

These supplements can be single-ingredient supplements or a mixture of supplements that work together to boost the energy levels and increase performance during workouts. The supplements can be categorized as

Key Ingredients in Pre-workout Supplements

With the emergence of many pre workout supplement companies, there have been many ingredients and formulas for the supplements but some of the most common key ingredients for the modern supplements include

  1. a)    Creatine Complex which is known for giving strength and size and is such an active ingredient.
  2. b)    Amino Acids which support metabolism hence boosting the energy levels as well as assist in concentration during training and workouts.
  3. c)    Stimulant Complex such as Betaine, beta-alanine, and Caffeine. This is the core ingredient in almost all pre-workout formulas
  4. d)    Pump Complex for those who like pumped up chests
  5. e)    Endurance Complex which gives you the endurance during gruesome workouts

When to Use Pre-workout Supplements

To use a pre-workout supplement or not to use is entirely a personal choice however you might want to consider using it if you want to achieve the following:

  •    Burn out fats with a greater intensity
  •    Build more muscle
  •    Increase your energy levels during workouts
  •    Achieve a long-lasting and safe muscular pump
  •    To achieve a high level of concentration
  •    Post workout recovery

How safe are the pre-workout supplements

Like everything else, the use of pre-workout supplements comes with side effects,  some of which are:

  •    Lack of sleep or interrupted sleep pattern because of the caffeine.
  •    An overdosage of pre-workout supplements can cause cardiac problems
  •    They can cause muscle cramps, numbness or tingling sensation in the face or lips
  •    They can cause diarrhea and dehydration
  •    For some people, some of the ingredients used cause allergic reactions such as vomiting, nausea, itching, and headache. In case of any allergic reactions, it is strongly advised that you stop the usage immediately

Long-term use of these supplements is not strongly advised so you should exercise caution when using and use in moderation

How to choose the best supplement

When shopping for a pre-workout supplement, it is important that you keenly check the ingredients used in the formulas. If any of the ingredients trigger any of your allergies, please look for an alternative.

Also, choose a supplement that has all the ingredients mixed in the right ratios and quantities and chooses a supplement that has BCAAs along with the other ingredients.

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