How Long Does Weed Stay in Your Hair

If you are using marijuana on a daily basis, probably there are a few questions about witch you are supposed to be concerned so far. Most of them are linked with your health condition and your ability to work and sort the things out when there are mandatory tests at the workplace. Most of the young people that live across the United States are being concerned about this since they are facing a lot of difficulties when it is a matter of finding a job position, because attending each one will require a lot of time invested into the work. Not each corporate place has a policy of required drug test before you are allowed to work there, but most of them do.

How Long Does Weed Stay in Your Hair

                Once you are in a situation that will require from you to choose between using such substance or being able to work as an employee in a particular corporation, you will be in front of a huge dilemma that is going to be placed over being able to build your professional career or having fun in your free time. But in a fact, the biggest lie that is available out there is that there can’t be a middle ground between them both. Not necessarily means that once you’ve found a dream job and you are willing to build a career you are supposed to stop having fun and enjoy yourself.

                What to expect

                That’s why in the following parts of this editorial we are going to clarify you more about the procedure of drug testing, how long does weed stays inside your hair, and what’s most important – teach you how to get away with it and make sure that besides you’ve been using marijuana in the past period, without cheating the test, you will be capable of having negative results in the end. If you are aware of the following writings you can become better in your profession and yet, make sure that you are having enough time, or even more, remain healthy enough if you’ve been using it for medical purposes, as shown here.

                The drug tests

                Those tests are usually being performed in a controlled environment, by a team of professionals. Your employer can order such tests and besides the fact that they are very expensive, most of the people in charge for the companies do arrange them for their teams in order to be fully aware about the team’s health condition and mental state. This means that if you have submitted a proposal for a new job, or if you are a part of a working environment in which those tests are being made, your employer can arrange a test without letting you know in advance.

                How are they performed?

                You won’t be able to know about the test in a larger period of time before they are made, but mainly, you will be aware of it one day before. Once you arrive at the laboratory, the personal will require from you to give them a urine example and they will cut a piece of your hair upon which some further analysis will be performed. If you’ve been using some substances which are concerned as an abuse, the results of the tests will be positive, and unfortunately, you will risk of losing the job, or maybe even not being the perfect fit for the job position regarding your professional expertise. But for learning how is this done, please visit

                Many people easily fail into a trap thinking that those examinations can be cheated by providing them an example from a different person, but the truth is that smuggling anything inside will be very hard, especially if it is a matter of smuggling something that is supposed to be a fake urine example. That’s why people who are using those substances are cheating on those tests, performing a different activity, by using a fake synthetic urine. But however, this act will have some consequences if you end up being caught, since they’ve developed a complete system by coloring the tap water inside the toilets, and you are supposed to have it in order to mix the synthetic urine powder.

                The THC traces inside your hair

                As we’ve previously mentioned, the urine stays inside your hair for the longest. It will be present there for a few months even, if you’ve been smoking marijuana for a while now. That’s what makes it impossible to be cleaned out, and it means that if you are willing to do it you must remain focused on finding a shampoo that will remove the traces without any risk involved. But when purchasing such shampoo, you are supposed to be very careful, since as we’ve mentioned, there is a different range of how long will the THC traces last inside your hair and they differ upon the frequency of the usage.

The THC traces inside your hair

                If you are about to have such tests, you can try to use this shampoo and make sure that you are doing it each time you wash your hair. By doing so, you are going to decrease the hazards of ending up caught to minimum, and yet, you will be able to enjoy your free time as much as you would like to. This is of a great importance for you. Also, knowing how good the reviews for a particular product is crucial. By that you will decrease the hazards of ending up caught and yet you are going to be able to enjoy your stay at home or on each social gathering.


                Using marijuana can have a bad effect over your health if you are abusing the substance and consuming it more often as you should. But besides this, it is of a huge importance for you to have an ability to choose upon the options and make sure that no one is ending up making those decisions instead of you. If you are willing to get rid of the weed in your hair, you are supposed to use quality made detox shampoo.

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