How Sex Toys Can Contribute to a Healthy Relationship

News that may not come as a surprise – sex is good for you! In addition to being wonderful, sex can prolong life, improve the immune system, reduce stress levels and improve sleep.

When it comes to sex toys, there are still no research studies to prove that they improve our health, but they can definitely help in personal sexual development.

Healthy Relationship

Many who are comfortable using it alone or with their partners experience great pleasure. More and more women are using vibrators, for example. But even though it is fantastic that we take matters into our own hands, it can be very beneficial for both parties in a relationship if you use sex toys together.

Sex Toys for Couples

Sex Toys for Couples

As society becomes more sexually liberating and open, toys are something that enters into bedrooms around the world. Previously, these were poorly made, they did not look very funny and might not have been so innovative. But much has happened since the first dildo as a play toy came out on the market. All you have to do is surf into a webshop for sex toys to see how well-developed these products have become.

Today, there are incredible gadgets that are both innovative, stylish and affordable.

Even so, not everyone has tested sex toys yet, or you might have tried once some of them but then they never become part of your sexual life. Needless to say, this needs to be changed, because there are so many reasons why sex toys are good for the relationship! Here are some examples that clearly stick out from the rest:

Four Main Reasons Why Sex Toys Contribute to a Healthier Relationship

Healthier Relationship

They encourage increased communication. This is an excellent opportunity to communicate with your partner about your fantasies and sexual desires. What do you want to test? How are you going to do? Try to visit an erotic webshop together and order things together.

They can relieve tension and take responsibility for both you and your partner. Many suffer from anxiety when it comes to sex. A sex toy moves the focus and offers alternative pleasures.

They can improve intimacy. By using toys in the relationship, deeper explorations of your sexuality are also encouraged. And exploring their sexuality is not only exciting and wonderful for the individual but it can also bring you together in your relationship because you get to know each other on a deeper level.

They can simply contribute to better sex life. To make things very easy: both from a physical and an emotional point of view, sex life can be improved with the help of toys. Both for the couple and the individual. And there are countless studies that show how a well-functioning sex life is a key factor in a healthy and happy relationship.

What? They Can Even Prologue Your Life?

Prologue Your Life

A British study with over 1,000 participants found that the death rate was halved among those who had at least two orgasms each week, compared to those who were less frequently than once a month. Another study of 3,500 Scottish men showed that an active sexual life meant that men lived longer and had a reduced risk of having a blood clot. The deep bridle taken during hot intercourse causes your body to relax and oxygenate your blood. Which is good for the heart.

It is also the hormones Oxytocin and DHEA that are released during an orgasm and these can prevent heart problems. Sex also improves your sleep. At an orgasm, a large amount of Oxytocin is released, which in turn makes it easier for us to fall asleep. Good sleep is great for both the immune system, weight, and blood pressure.

How Do I Get Started with Sex Toys?

For beginners who are curious and want to get started with sex toys, the erotic webshop LoveTreats recommends that you start by simply talking to their partner. Talk about what you have for fantasies, and what you are trying to test.

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