How To Pass Drug Test At Work While Using Hemp And Cannabis For Medicating Yourself?

Today, to land in a decent job is not easy, especially when you are using marijuana as medical treatment. We all know that companies would require a drug test before hiring anyone. If you are one of those people undergoing a treatment by using hemp and cannabis, you can do your own research and learn from sites like Drug Testing Reviews to be and informed and get solutions on how to pass a drug test. I guess, this may sound like a desperate move for job hunters, but you need to earn for a living, too. Therefore, you need to pass the drug test as a requirement for the job you are applying for.

There are also individuals, who later on end up taking hemp and cannabis, which made them think that it is indeed a possible form of fighting depression. Well, treating yourself with plants and herbs is actually a traditional method. In fact, people had survived from various illnesses through medicinal plants, though this happened centuries ago. But this won’t be very helpful as a job hunter.

Drug Test

As a part of self-medication, we can’t deny the fact that there are people, who are relying on hemps and cannabis. But these people do not have medical conditions, such as epilepsy, autism, anxiety, multiple sclerosis and anorexia to name a few. These job hunters, who turned out to be drug dependents are not fully aware about how these plants will affect them. I supposed, they have to receive proper education rather than simply taking it without an expert’s advice because these plants keep them away from finding a job.

Hemp vs Marijuana

Both plants belong to the family of cannabinaceae species. But when it comes to the appearance, the difference can be greatly seen. If you are going to look at the leaves, you will notice that the marijuana’s leaves are broader, while the hemp has a skinnier leaf.

Now, if you are going to look at the chemical composition, another difference was given, especially with the THC or tetrahydrocannabinol content. This is a substance that is responsible for the psychological effect of the plant. It was found out that the hemp is not psychoactive as compared to a marijuana. The average content of THC in marijuana is 5 – 30%, while there are only 0.3% of THC in hemp. And then, hemp comes with a high level of CBD or cannabidiol, which makes the THC content even useless.

These two plants also differ when it comes to cultivation and its environment. When planting hemps, you may grow it closely with one another, having like 4-inch distance. They can grow in plots under different climates with a maximum of 120-day cycle. While for a marijuana, you have to plant it with 6-ft distances under a controlled climate like warm and humid. You can grow it from 60 to 90 day cycle.

Cannabis as a Medicine

Basically, a medical marijuana is the same plant that is used for recreational products. This plant contains chemicals or substances that are used in treating diseases as well as medical conditions like cancer. Read this article which was even considered by the American Cancer Society. In fact, there are over 100 chemicals or cannabinoids, which has different effects on your body. Actually, there are two major chemicals that are used as medicines – the Delta-9-THC and CBD. You should know that the more THC content that your body receives, the more you will feel or get high.

Before considering marijuana as a medical treatment, I suggest you to consult your doctor. If he will suggest you to take it as a medical treatment for your condition, then you have to know how it can help you because of its psychoactive reaction to your brain.

According to the experts, the CBD content may help in reducing anxiety, inflammation and also relieves pain. It also helps in controlling children with seizures. It can also control nausea as well as vomiting issues that cancer patients feel when having a chemotherapy. Aside from that, it can also kill the cancer cells and slows down the growth of tumor. For patients with multiple sclerosis, their tight muscles will be relaxed. And then, it can also stimulate your appetite as well as improve your weight, especially if you are suffering from cancer and AIDS as well.

Way of Using Cannabis

The way you would like to use marijuana will depend on your personal preference. Though the effectivity of this drug varies, depending on how it was taken. For example, when you smoke or inhale it, then the effect would be very fast. While eating would take it longer because you have to wait for 1 – 2 hours to take effect.

Taking marijuana may come in different methods. You may smoke and inhale it. While some people mix it on their food or drop it in a liquid form under their tongue. This will guide you when thinking of marijuana as an edible intake. There are also who are using it as a cream, lotion, oil or spray and apply it to their skin.

Side Effects of Marijuana

Anything that you overdose will not be good to your body. For example, when you smoked marijuana more than the prescribed dosage, then you may go impaired. You may act weird and may behave really badly. Of course, you may also do things that you did not mean to. In other words, you are not in your right state of mind. Therefore, this will greatly affect you as a person because you may not be able to make the right judgement.

Most of the side effects that you may experience is dizziness, depression, hallucinations, fast heartbeat, low blood pressure and may have bloodshot eyes. Because of these conditions, you may face trouble that can lead to accidents as well as injuries. When this happens, you have to face the authority. How can you then say that you took marijuana as a medical treatment when other people sees it as used for recreational purposes since you overdosed it? This is one reason why the government prevents people from using it as a medicine.

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