Learn About the Various Levels of Addiction Treatment

It usually takes time to recover from addiction perfectly. There is no shortcut of quick treatment to cure a drug addict individual. There are different levels of drug treatment, and the patient should go through various levels of treatment for substance abuse. Therefore, it is crucial to understand several levels of addiction medication program offered by the rehab center. Getting proper rehab insurance coverage is an ideal way of getting better medication for either yourself or people you love. If you are interested to learn more regarding the level of addiction treatment, read the following summaries:

  1. Detoxification
  2. Inpatient Residential Rehab
  3. Intensive Outpatient medication and Partial Hospitalization
  4. Outpatient Treatment

1)     Detoxification

There is a wide range of addictive substances, starting from drugs to alcohol such as heroin, which is related to potential severe withdrawal symptoms. Once someone starts the process of getting better, toxic drug or alcohol substance will start exiting from his body.

Even though, the body may experience difficulty to respond to changes these changes of biochemistry. In some instances, withdrawal symptoms are too much that patient might at high risk of losing her or his life. Luckily, there are medically lead detox that provides safe means for withdrawal.

Various Levels of Addiction Treatment

2)     Inpatient Residential medication

After detoxification, most people usually transit directly into inpatient residential medical programs. This plan enables the individual to be free from drugs and alcohol and also live a sober life. It is a setting changes that protect the patient from deterioration triggers. It will also help them focus entirely on the recovery process. This kind of setting is also perfect for individuals who have much psychiatric or health problem that requires constant monitoring.

3)     Intensive Outpatient medication and Partial hospitalization

Partial hospitalization defines a treatment plan where diseased spend most of the times at the treatment facility, but yet they are permitted to spend other weeks or nights at their home. Since this medication plan may not provide a comprehensive range of treatment, often, they are covered by the rehab insurance company.

Intensive Outpatient medication such as partial hospitalization has become much and more prevalent within insurance companies, especially an alternative to residential medicine. Different levels of drug treatment in outpatient treatment also require individual’s dedication of 3 to 4 hours sessions in team settings. Based on the services that are accessible by qualified treatment centers, an insurance company can cover an intensive outpatient medication for a few weeks.

4)     Outpatient Treatment

Once the patient has completed the partial hospitalization, inpatient residential and intensive outpatient plan, he should still acquire more education and support. Outpatient treatment includes the least intensive treatment for substance abuse. Thus, it offers the patients the following:

  • Weekly chances to catch up with other recovering groups
  • Opportunity to address the substances usage triggers
  • An access to soothing medication in an inpatient setting
  • Standard outpatient therapy widely covered by the rehab insurance company.
  • Standard outpatient treatment is also extensively covered by insurance providers.

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