Recommended Ways to Clean to Pass a Urine Test

Like every other question you put on the internet, if you post a question of how to clean your urine for a pee drug test online, you will most likely get a long list of answers. However, you can’t follow everything on the internet. In fact, some pieces of advice are not only wrong and ineffective but can also be dangerous. As far as urine drug tests are concerned, certain solutions and remedies should not be followed. Some of them only have a slight probability of working while others might put you in trouble rather than help you pass your tests. Here are four popular remedies that are popular on the internet but are unlikely to work in real life:

Urine Test

Remedies you shouldn’t try

Excess Water

The logic behind this solution is simple. If you drink a lot of water then you will urinate more and flush metabolites out of your system faster. Simple right? Well, not quite. Drinking excessive water is not an effective solution to cleansing your body of drugs. In fact, taking too much water alone before a drug test will only over-dilute your urine. This means you won’t only be getting rid of toxins, but you will also be removing some important compounds that normal pee should contain. Test clinics check for these compounds as markers and they will easily find out you have been trying to cheat the test.

Cranberry juice

You’ve probably been told that Cranberry juice is an excellent way to cleanse your urinary system. This isn’t a wrong assertion. But to think that cranberry juice can help you pass a pee drug test because of this fact is simply a myth. While it is true that cranberry juice can act as a natural diuretic and is rich in antioxidants, it really stands very little chance against marijuana or THC. This is mainly because THC is stored in the fat cells and not in your urinary system. Thus, with cranberry juice alone, you will need at least a month to cleanse your body of THC completely even if you smoke marijuana a few times a week.

What’s worse, excessive consumption of Cranberry juice can potentially alter the acidity of your Urine. This raises a red flag during your test and you might be asked for another sample or simply failed for trying to cheat the system.


Vinegar is another remedy that pops up a couple of times when questions about beating a urine test come up. Some people recommend drinking an enormous amount of vinegar before your test or simply adding it to the sample you intend to submit. Doing any of these isn’t recommended. Vinegar will change the PH of your pee. This is an obvious sign of tampering that may cause you to fail the test. On top of that, there is a chance that you will end up with violent diarrhea with excessive consumption of vinegar.


The idea that goldenseal could be used as a drug screen first appeared in a novel by John Uri Lloyd in the 1900s. Since then, the myth has lived on and many stoners now recommend the herb as a possible way to beat tests. But even if the labs don’t test for GoldenSeal and other commercial screens (which most labs now do) the herb will only dilute your urine slightly. That’s not to mention the fact that a GoldenSeal overdose can be fatal with several health consequences including death.

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Remedies that work

Remedies that work

  1. Quick detox products: there are several detox products that claim to be able to rid of urine of THC long enough for you to submit a clean sample. They come mostly in the form of drinks or pills to be taken hours before your test and they give you a clean window of few hours during which any urine sample you present is expected to be clean.

While many of these detoxification products are effective, you might find it challenging to find authentic sellers offering products that actually work. Also, there have been reports that even some of the best detox drinks might not work for heavy users of marijuana.

  1. Fake urine: another simple remedy that is commonly recommended online is to get urine from someone else and present it as yours. This could be from a friend, spouse, sibling or colleague. Of course, you will have to confirm that the person you are getting the sample from is clean as well. Also, you will have to figure out how to smuggle in your fake urine sample into the testing clinic as well as keeping the sample fresh and warm for the test.

  1. Synthetic urine: you can also buy artificial samples synthesized labs designed specifically for the purpose. Synthetic urine comes is typically sold in powder form and it imitates real urine when mixed with water. If you have a urine drug test coming up with limited time to spare, you can find synthetic urine kits online. Just like fake urine, you might have an issue with warming up your synthetic urine sample. To cater for this, most synthetic pee kits come with heating pads which help to keep their temperature at the ideal temperature. Some dry powder formula also contains heat activators that automatically warms up the urine once water is added. However, you still have to worry about bringing the sample in.

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Your body has the ability to rid itself of the toxin on its own. But the time you get to prepare for your test is rarely enough for this to work effectively. You can speed up the rate or natural detoxification by abstaining from drug use entirely, exercising and maintaining a healthy diet. Alternatively, you can try any of these other quick remedies to get rid of metabolites quick and effectively without putting you at risk.

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