Side Effects of Green Tea That You Should Know About

Green tea is a magic drink. It has numerous antioxidants and is rich in the goodness that our bodies need. People trying to lose weight swear by it. The benefits of green tea are endless! If a drink can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease AND cancer, why wouldn’t we worship it?

But there are two sides to every story aren’t there? The excess of everything is harmful – That’s how the world works. So, sadly, like all other ingredients, green to has a set of side effects. Read on and be warned!


Iron Deficiency:

It is nearly unbelievable that this elixir of a drink can cause a problem so grave. There are tannins present in green tea that inhibit your body from absorbing iron from your food. Slowly but surely, this will lead you to iron deficiency and eventually anemia which is hard to overcome. Although, if you cannot completely give it up, you can avoid problems with deficiency by ordering iron supplements via Health Kart coupons.

Intrusion with Medicines:

Being the ‘miracle herb’ and being used to lower cancer risk, it is ironic that green tea can interfere with cancer medication. Research has shown that green tea inhibited the effect of bortezomib, an anti-cancer medication. This is caused by an ingredient polyphenol which is present in green tea. It is thus best to avoid green tea if you are suffering from the disease and taking medication.

Risky During Pregnancy and Lactation:

This is a very important point for expecting and new mothers. Green Tea has been linked to increased chances of miscarriage and several other negative effects on your precious little gift. Apart from miscarriage risk, caffeine in the tea can pass into the breast milk and can affect the infant. Although there are no definite results to this research, it is best if pregnant women just sidestep green tea and enjoy other beverages that are completely safe.

A kind of antioxidant, Catechin, is present in Green tea. This antioxidant, although helpful can also cause harmful effects if consumed in excess. They have dire effects on the mitochondria of cells and cause issues with metabolic processes in the body. People susceptible to liver damage are more at risk due to this and can suffer from fatal liver failure. It can also cause other diseases such as jaundice and hepatitis.

Green tea is known to block several sleep-inducing chemicals in the brain. The caffeine present in green tea leads to leads to anxiety and restlessness. The effect that green tea has on sleep and anxiety also depends on every individual’s sensitivity to methylxanthine. The drink also increases the production of adrenaline in the body which also leads to restlessness.

Drinking excessive amounts of green tea can deteriorate the bone health of an individual by increasing the amount of calcium that is flushed out with urine. This can lead to osteoporosis. Calcium supplements that can be bought using 1MG coupons should be taken by individuals who are predisposed to the condition to avoid problems due to green tea.

This does not mean that you should run and dispose of all the green tea bags you keep yourself stocked up with. All the above-mentioned side effects, although dangerous, are caused due to overconsumption of green tea. An average of 2-4 cups each day will help you derive all the positive benefits of green tea and keep you protected from the negative ones. Enjoy!

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