What Are Different Applications of Pneumatic Tube Systems?

A pneumatic tube-based system is considered to be an efficient and fast means to transport materials that comprise of cash, documents, liquid, and samples within premises or between buildings. These systems are useful for a variety of industries in performing a wide range of tasks safely, effortlessly and quickly. Let us learn about them in detail.

What industries get benefitted by the pneumatic tube systems?

Pneumatic tube-based systems are useful for different types of businesses. The use of these pneumatic tube systems is unending. Some of the industries are Cinemas, Supermarkets, Production and administration sites, Retails stores, Steel Mills, Hotels, Tolls, Gas stations, Hospital, workshops, Newspapers, Banks, and where there is requirement for fast, efficient and secure transportation of items.

If you are thinking where to buy pneumatic carriers, then there are several trusted stores online that provide hospital carriers, pharmacy carriers, commercial carriers, etc. to accomplish your objective.    

Applications of Pneumatic Tube Systems

In what ways does a Pneumatic Tube System work?

Pneumatic Tube System is comprised of various major components. To perform the transportation of substances via this system, there are stations identified as a sending station and a receiving station. These stations are basically the areas where the communication has to take place.

The user who uses this system has to start by placing the item that they need to transport in the carrier. Now they will have to choose the appropriate destination address and put it in the carrier for destination station. This carrier will get automatically transported to the desired destination.

All the stations are connected to each other through a robust tube network. The dispatch tube in pneumatic transportation system is made up of a PVC-Tube with a tight production related tolerance with respect to the surface and measurement. This tube is connected with the help of glue or steel-based sleeves.

To connect stations, this transport system uses 2-way, 3-way and 4-way diverters. The air supply is provided through the blower. This blower produces the air, which is essential to operate any Pneumatic tube transport system by way of pressure or suction.  The materials get transported inside carriers of varying types and sizes in accordance with the need of the application.

Advantages of using a Pneumatic Tube System

The main advantage of a pneumatic tube system is to ensure the material transportation with speed up to 2 meters per second to 15 meters per second. These systems make the entire transportation system fast, secure, time efficient and cost efficient.

Carriers used by these systems ensure safe and reliable transportation of lab specimens, pharmaceuticals, IVs, supplies, documents, and other type of materials throughout the pneumatic tube system of the hospital. These durable, colorful, and solid pneumatic tube system safeguards content as they transported and gets easily loaded and unloaded.


Pneumatic tube-based system is a worthwhile investment than you think. It helps you with a safe and trusted transport of different objects with its universal carrier system. These systems are made to be tough to easily withstand any unbearable conditions.

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