Xanax Side Effects And Where To Get It?

Anxiety is a sensation that most people have experienced at least once in their lives. It is a restlessness that is expected when something specific happens, which can cause palpitations, insomnia, accelerated thinking, lack of concentration, among other symptoms that disappear naturally. However, there are individuals who experience the effects of anxiety in a chronic way, that is, in a prolonged and frequent way.

Xanax Side Effects

What Is Anxiety?

You have probably already felt anxious before situations like a job interview, presenting a project, driving for the first time or even a romantic date, right? What you feel is a mixture of desire that this moment happens soon, with expectations for everything to be all right and a little fear that something will happen differently than expected. In these normal cases of everyday life, anxiety increases the respiratory and cardiac frequencies, concentrating the blood flow in the brain, where it becomes necessary.

How to use and how to get?

The dose of alprazolam (Xanax) should be adapted to each case, based on the severity of the symptoms and the individual response of each person. Generally, the recommended starting dose for the treatment of anxiety disorders is 0.25 mg to 0.5 mg administered 3 times daily and the maintenance dose is 0.5 mg to 4 mg daily administered as divided doses.

For the treatment of panic disorders, the starting dose is 0.5 mg to 1 mg before bed or 0.5 mg administered 3 times a day and the maintenance dose should be adjusted to the person’s response to treatment. In elderly patients or those with a debilitating condition, the recommended starting dose is 0.25 mg, 2 or 3 times daily, and the maintenance dose may range from 0.5 mg to 0.75 mg daily administered in doses divided. You can easily Buy Xanax online or from any non-prescribed medical stores.

Possible side effects

The most common side effects that can occur during treatment with alprazolam are depression, sedation, drowsiness, ataxia, memory changes, and difficulty articulating words, dizziness, headache, constipation, dry mouth, fatigue and irritability. Although alprazolam is more rare in some cases, alprazolam may cause decreased appetite, confusion, disorientation, decreased or increased sexual desire, anxiety, insomnia, nervousness, disturbances in balance, abnormal coordination, attention disturbances, hypersomnia, lethargy , tremor, blurred vision, nausea, dermatitis, sexual dysfunction and changes in body weight.

How long does it take to take effect?

Following ingestion, alprazolam is rapidly absorbed and the maximum concentration of the drug in the body occurs within 1 to 2 hours after administration and the time it takes to be eliminated is on average 11 hours, unless the person suffers from renal or hepatic impairment. In addition it should also not be used in children under 18 years of age, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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